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A trained Psychotherapist specialized in treating Mood Affective Disorders and Anxiety Disorders with focus on establishing strong relational dynamics in a safe environment to help improve lives.

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Know your Therapist

When you, seated across from me, ask, “what’s the weather like outside?”

I don’t check my weather app, your assumptions about the weather, my feelings about it or even the collective experience of the weather yesterday.

Instead –

I gently guide you to the window, help you open the slightly stuck hinges, support you while you may find yourself afraid of the creaky, unfamiliar sound of the window opening.

I say, “Let’s check the weather out for ourselves”.

We stay there, at that window, that opens to the outside, as long we need to.

I am your Therapist.

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More about Your Therapist

  • Mental health professional driven to help others through transtheoretical model of behavior change. Her therapeutic interventions are guided by her experience and expertise in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

  • She is trained by the Beck Institute, USA on CBT models for Mild to Severe Mood disorders and the spectrum of anxiety disorders.

  • She has studied and excelled at Clinical Psychology during her academic years and has an experience of 16 years.

  • The key learnings, continuing credits and upskilling in terms of specific modalities used in Therapy has been from the esteemed institute , NIMHANS, Bangalore.

  • Certified Master Therapist from Counsel India

  • She continues to be a Mental health Consultant for various Health apps, Support Platforms and Clinical interventions.

  • She is also available as Behavioral Counselor and Mental Health consultant for employees of various organizations in India.

  • She collaborates with, CBTCare, mindovermatters and Dr. Satyen Sharma who is a Senior Psychiatrist reputed to be amongst the best in India.

  • She is based out of Bangalore and currently offers only Online Therapy led by best practices in international standards of care.

  • Mental Health Advisor, Mohan Foundation



Featured Mental Health Writer for

Speaker and Writer with CBT Care for online mental health forum, as an expert on Mood and Anxiety Disorders.

Member of -

  • APA (American Psychology Association)

  • IPN (Independent Practitioners Network (Psychology)

  • IACP (Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists)

Engaging with CBT can help people reduce stress, cope with complicated relationships, deal with grief, and face many other common life challenges.

Teen Psychologist

Individual therapy is a collaborative approach to identify, assess and treat specific emotional, behavioral and cognitive challenges in your life.
Various therapeutic interventions are used to reduce distress, dysregulation and dysfunctionality and bring a more qualitative life change.

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Relationship therapy and Solution-focused couples uses Behavioral and cognitive behavioral models to increase the quality of relationships between partners and couples.
This type of therapy helps couples identify and change problematic thinking and the resulting behavior.

Homework Help

Family systems therapy is aimed at improving the interpersonal communication between family members, learning skills to reduce conflict, improve home environment and nurture bonds.


Sindhu has been a great person to talk to. She is a good listener, understands and reads you very well. I have been taking therapy from her for anxiety and depression. She does CBT and it has helped me a great deal. I have now been able to articulate my behaviour, emotions and respond well. Also, able to relate my actions to the core belief system. My family has noticed the changes in me too and are happy with the person I have become over time. Thanks to Sindhu for being there in this phase of my life. I can talk to her freely about anything and always expect right advice/suggestions. She is a happy person to meet and always has a beautiful smile on her face. Gives me positive vibes and makes me lighter whenever I talk to her.

—  Mrs P, 32 years old USA

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